MFront User Meeting

4 September 2019

View online : MFront User Meeting

The program of the day is mostly defined (new contributions are still welcomed). Following feedbacks from previous meetings:

  • The morning will be dedicated to a general introduction to MFront meant for new users or people willing to have an overview of MFront (beginning at 10h00).
  • The afternoon could be dedicated to various technical talks. The following talks are already scheduled (end scheduled at 16h30):
    • New functionalities of TFEL 3.3 (T. Helfer)
    • Modelling non-linear constitutive material laws in FEniCS with MFront (J. Bleyer, Laboratoire Navier)
    • Xper : une plateforme pour la simulation numérique distribuée d’interactions multiphysiques entre corps. (F. Péralès, IRSN)
    • Utilisation de MFront via MGIS dans le code implicite/explicite Mefisto: (O. Jamond, CEA)
    • MFront and OpenGeoSys — connecting two open-source initiatives for simulations in environmental geosciences and energy geotechnics (T. Nagel, Geotechnical Institute)
    • Applications de MFront aux bétons et aux polymères PRFC (Jean-Luc Adia, François Soleilhet EDF R&D)
    • Mfront in biomechanics: Abdominal muscle simulation. (Gerard Fortuny Anguera, Universtitat Rovira i Virgili)

We will made a short introduction to MFront on computers on the morning of October 18 (places will be limited, only a few left) before the "Meeting on Computational Mechanics" at EDF Lab Saclay organized for the 30 years of code_aster.

Access to the user meeting is free but, to facilitate the organization of this event, registration is required. Please register at

While registering, let us know if you would like to present your work and/or if you would like attend to the first part of the meeting and/or to the second part and/or if you would be interested by the introduction on October 18.