Build a NEW10* version

Prerequisites or configuration modifications for the development version

  • version 10.3.x :
  • In 10.3.9, the Scotch has changed (compulsory) and it’s possible to use Scotch as renumbering tool in Mumps (optional). You must install scotch_5.1.11_esmumps, downloadable from Scotch website. Warning, make install prefix=/opt/aster/public/scotch_5.1.11 does not copy the library libesmumps.a in lib.

Compulsory : For Code_Aster, you must change the file config.txt (line INCL) to put the path to scotch_5.1.11 includes. Two libraries must be removed from the config.txt file : libcommon and libscotcherrcom.

Optional : Now you can use Scotch in Mumps, for that, Mumps must be rebuilt with the correct options for scotch and put the new Mumps library libesmumps.a in config.txt.

  • version 10.2.x :
  • In version 10.2.22, the previous changes are cancelled (see issue 15822 in the release note). Code_Aster uses again med with long integers by default. If the changes for version 10.2.21 have not been done, there is nothing to do. Else, Code_Aster must be rebuilt against med with long integers. It’s possible to keep med with short integers by adding the precompilation flag _USE_MED_SHORT_INT (for Code_Aster, in the config.txt file). But in this case, errors should be fixed in med library.
  • from version 10.2.21, Code_Aster uses the standard version of the med library, without forcing the size of integers (on 64 bits). On 32 bits platforms, it’s transparent, nothing changes.

On 64 bits platforms, it is necessary to recompile med.
Med source files are available in the aster-full package. To extract the med source files and recompile them:

tar xvzf aster-full-src-10.2.0-2.noarch.tar.gz \
cd aster-full-src-10.2.0/SRC/
tar xzf med-2.3.6.tar.gz
cd med-2.3.6
HDF5HOME=/opt/aster/public/hdf5-1.6.9 \
  ./configure --prefix=/opt/aster/public/med-2.3.6_i4
make install

Then, change the config.txt file of your development version (for example /opt/aster/NEW10/config.txt) and replace med-2.3.6/lib by med-2.3.6_i4/lib.

Then rebuild Code_Aster (of course, it will work only after the 10.2.21 update) using : as_run —make or update with as_run —update.

  • The update to 10.2.13 fails. This will be corrected in the next update (to 10.2.14). A temporarly workaround is possible (read the forum).
  • version 10.1.x : from 10.1.24, Code_Aster needs the python module numpy in place of Numeric.

Numpy must be installed from the package provided in the system (usually named python-numpy) or from sources.

To build Code_Aster against numpy, you must tell from the numpy C include are. You must add in the config.txt file on a single line:

INCL           | numpy   | 1.3.0 | -I/opt/aster/lib/python2.6/site-packages/numpy/core/include

Change using the correct path of your numpy installation.

NB : This shoud not be necessary if you installed numpy from your distribution packages (in this case, include files will be copied into a standard location, /usr/include for instance).

Then launch Code_Aster update (as_run —auto_update). If you already launched an update but it failed, just start a reconstruction with as_run —make.

  • version 10.0.x : from the 10.0.19 version, Code_Aster both uses Mumps libraries — smumps and cmumps — in addition to the double-precision versions previously used (dmumps et zmumps).

If you installed Mumps with the aster-full package, type:

cd /opt/aster/public/mumps-4.7.3
. /opt/aster/aster_profile.sh
. /opt/aster/NEW10/profile.sh
make simple cmplx

You must add these 2 libraries in the config.txt file. For instance, replace:

BIBL | mumps | 4.7.3 | -L/opt/aster/public/mumps-4.7.3/lib -ldmumps -lzmumps -lpord
        -L/opt/aster/public/mumps-4.7.3/libseq -lmpiseq

by :

BIBL | mumps | 4.7.3 | -L/opt/aster/public/mumps-4.7.3/lib -ldmumps -lzmumps -lsmumps -lcmumps -lpord
        -L/opt/aster/public/mumps-4.7.3/libseq -lmpiseq

Then launch a Code_Aster update (as_run —auto_update). If you already launched an update but it failed, just start a reconstruction with as_run —make.

Before the 1.8.0 version, as_run does not correctly delete fortran90 sources. To solve this problem, type:

cd /opt/aster/NEW10
rm bibf90/mumps/amumpr.*