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  • Salome-Meca usage 19/03/2019 | par lucaf
    I am trying to split the mid node into 2 different, creating another mid node,so that one will connected to the left part and the other node to the right part. Between the 2 nodes i wanna create...
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  • Salome-Meca installation 19/03/2019 | par GPSalachs
    Hello, are there any news on the gui freezing ?! Is it a graphic card problem ?HDD problem ? The main issue for me is that 3/10 times it works fine i can see the calculations and 7/10 it...
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  • Code_Aster usage 19/03/2019 | par CLF
    Hi Paul Sorry, I cannot help you there other than stating that the rubber band mesh will never be perfectly absorbing. I suggest that you first try using clear cut cases, e.g. like a pipe where...
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  • Code_Aster usage 19/03/2019 | par psmith
    Hi Claes, I tried using 3D_ABSO (as also detailed in validation problems SDLV120A and SDLV121A). My simple model (1m x 1m x 1m) runs successfully for transient analysis, but when the model is...
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  • Code_Aster usage 19/03/2019 | par Johannes_ACKVA
    hello / Bonjour I need to implement a material behaviour with orthotropic heat conduction for thermal analysis. Heat conduction coefficients and heat capacity must depend on temperature. Small...
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