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  • EDF R&D Chine and Yuansuan organize a "code_aster / Rupture Mechanics" training from July 21 to 23, 2021 in Hangzhou, China. Registrations are already open, exclusively via email...
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  • SMUD is back in 2021! The event will be held online on the 18th of March, in order to comply with the covid-19 regulations. Although different, SMUD2021 will still be very interesting! The event...
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  • A new training session will be held in China next March 2021. The session revolves around Dynamics Analysis will be given by EDF China and our partner YuanSuan. In order to attend, to...
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  • A training session will be held in China next November. The session will be given by EDF China and our partner YuanSuan. In order to attend, to register or get additionnal information : flyer...
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  • Code_Aster usage 13/06/2021 | by bhanups1991
    Hi Is there anyone out there who has moved to Code-Aster from CalculiX? If yes, then could you tell me why? Actually, I am trying to move from ABAQUS to an open-source tool, and I chose to work...
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  • Introduce yourself / Présentez vous 13/06/2021 | by bhanups1991
    Hi I am Bhanu from India. I am a Ph.D. scholar. I am currently in the process of transitioning from ABAQUS to CalculiX. I don’t remember the exact reason as to why I chose CalculiX over...
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  • Code_Aster usage 12/06/2021 | by Irvise
    Hi Fabrizo, Code Aster is libre software, which means you have full access to all the code. You can modify whatever you want in there. You can take a look at the developer documentation to know...
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  • Salome-Meca usage 12/06/2021 | by GXA_William
    Greetings Kadred. The simple answer is yes. In fact, XFEM allows one to use a "sane" mesh, without directly modeling the crack. William
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  • Salome-Meca usage 11/06/2021 | by kadred
    Hello, Is it possible to use XFEM without defining initial crack ? In my model i dont have an initial crack, i would like to use xfem to predicts the crack initiation sites considering the...
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