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  • Code_Aster installation 23/10/2019 | by sblanco
    Hello, thank you very much for your replay. I’ve installed python3 (along with all the prerequisites indicated in the webpage) but perhaps there is a problem related with python. I’ve tried to...
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  • Code_Aster usage 23/10/2019 | by dezsit
    Hello, I attached an old demo case, with fully python solution (no shell scripts). The code is simplistic, so I think it can be followed by beginners in python. You will find 4 files:...
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  • Code_Aster usage 23/10/2019 | by dezsit
    Hello, Actually we would need to see the message file, with the error message, but you can also try this: TRI_DIAG with OPTION=’BANDE’ and minimum frequency slightly below zero to handle all...
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  • Salome-Meca installation 22/10/2019 | by cacciatorino
    I’m trying to follow the installation instruction for Salome 2019, but after adding the toolchain repo it fails to update so Ubuntu does not want to use it: [code]E:The repository...
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  • Code_Aster usage 22/10/2019 | by astercode
    Here it is. If I remove the charge I get six rigid modes but solution never ends due to singularity.
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