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#1 Re: Salome-Meca installation » salome-meca for windows Error: Can not save file » 2019-10-01 14:59:29

Hello alltogether,

I'm facing the same problems in salome-meca 2018 for windows. There's enough diskspaceand I also checked the permissions. Is there any quick workaround to be able saving files ?

I would highly appreciate any quick help, as I'm using it very often in Liinux system, but I have windows on my portable computer.

Thank you,


#2 Re: Code_Aster usage » Exchange Script for Hypermesh/ Hyperview » 2012-06-14 10:07:17

Hi Jacopo,

thank you for your help ! Now I have some further questions. Which command do I have to use to maintain the group of elements ? Is there a possibility to export the Loadsets from Hypermesh ? Is the tool from Alneos Open- Source ?

Is the correct workflow:

HM (meshing, def. of loadsets, properties of shells, beams, etc.) --> Salome --> Code Aster ?

Thank you,


#3 Code_Aster usage » Exchange Script for Hypermesh/ Hyperview » 2012-06-12 06:10:35

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Dear Code- Aster users,

I'm recently trying to export a Model from Hypermesh in a code-aster readable format. Therefore I have an old script, which extracts the mesh but without the support of entity sets and not all element types supported. Does anyone of you use Hypermesh an have you got an actual exchange script which supports entity sets and all element types ?

I would be glad to exchange experience,

tjhank you for your help



#4 Re: Code_Aster installation » [SOLVED] Problems compiling Aster latest version » 2012-05-13 10:30:56

ok then, thank you very much, so I can mark this post as solved and start working :-)

#5 Re: Code_Aster installation » [SOLVED] Problems compiling Aster latest version » 2012-05-11 18:56:17

thank you for your help, the installation of bison and flex did it for me:

apt-get install bison flex

after that the compilation with:

python setup.py install --prefix=/opt/aster

runs without error messages. But testing the installation brings out another error message:


                                            cpu     system    cpu+sys    elapsed
   Preparation of environment              0.01       0.04       0.05       0.07
   Copying datas                           0.01       0.01       0.02       0.02
   Code_Aster run                          1.39       0.11       1.50       1.53
   Copying results                         0.00       0.01       0.01       0.01
   Total                                   1.44       0.20       1.64       1.75

as_run 1.10.4


but it says normal termination and the job seems tu run :-/

thank you and have a nice weekend


#6 Code_Aster installation » [SOLVED] Problems compiling Aster latest version » 2012-05-08 21:09:10

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Hi everyone,

trying to compile the latest version of code-aster (10.6 stable) I get the following error:


All the other packages seem to compile as they should, but with aster itself I get this error message. Some time ago, I compiled code aster on another machine, adding
MATHLIB="-llapack -liblas -lgfortran"
but this time this option brings out the following error message:

  The fortran test program checking the LOC function with a loop failed.

Reasons :
  - it is known to fail using GNU Fortran 4.6.1 (and may be other releases)
    but it should be fixed using '-fno-tree-dse option'.

I installed the liblas and the lappack and it` s dev-packages, but it didn ´t seem to help. Taking a look at my config.dbg doesn' t seem to help, as it only shows the same error.
I' m trying to compile the package as root, so file permissions shouldn' t be the problem either. I attached my setup.dbg and hope, anyone can help me out.

Thank you and have a nice day,


#7 Code_Aster usage » Import Salome Mesh in Hypermesh and Postprocessing in Hyperview » 2012-04-25 21:50:48

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Dear Code- aster community,

I wonder if there`s any possibility to import a mesh, that was created in Salome to Hypermesh and do the potprocessing in Hyperview. I`ve been searching the web for hours :-/
Are there any scripts (python or tcl) to import or Export data in the hypermesh/ hyperview format ?

Thank you for your help :-)

#8 Re: Code_Aster usage » Contact Problem 2D » 2011-11-18 15:03:28

jango wrote:

Hello Thomas,

thank you for your quick reply. Is it possible just to exclude the node number, or is the definition of a group in the mesh obligatory ?



Ahh okay, with a definition of a group containing the node number it works fine :-)

thank you and have a nice weekend !

#9 Re: Code_Aster usage » Contact Problem 2D » 2011-11-18 14:49:21

Hello Thomas,

thank you for your quick reply. Is it possible just to exclude the node number, or is the definition of a group in the mesh obligatory ?



#10 Code_Aster usage » Contact Problem 2D » 2011-11-18 14:37:14

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Hello Everyone,

calculating a simple tutorail case with a 2D- Contact- problem, I always get the error message "La zone de contact numéro 1 contient 1 noeuds communs aux surfaces maîtres et esclaves." (see attached logfile). I modelled the problem as an initial contact between the cylinder and the square (see attached med-file). According to the model geometry, it seems clear, that the two parts have a common node. Unfortunately my tutorial for this case is for a previous version and describes the contact formulation as follows:




As I use the newest version of code aster, I figured out, that I should use the DEFI_CONTACT command instead. Reading U2.04.04. also describes, that the Lagrange algorythm provides a good convergence for this problem.

How can I run this simulation ? Should there be a distance between the two parts, or should I create two different meshes for the problem ?

greetings and many thanks,


#11 Re: Code_Aster usage » Maillage cube.med inconnu dans fort.20- Error Message » 2011-08-26 16:36:22

Hello Jean Pierre,

thank you for your help. Finally I found the last bug und could successfully run the case generating the cube.rmed- file :-)

Merci beaucoup y bonne fin de semaine,


#12 Code_Aster usage » Maillage cube.med inconnu dans fort.20- Error Message » 2011-08-26 13:08:42

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Hello Everyone,

as a new user of Code Aster I'm trying to solve my first tutorial cases, following the documents in this forum. Using the recent version of ubuntu I cannot use the Salome-Meca package, so I compiled the recent version of Code Aster (11.0) without any problems. Building my first Testcase (a cube with a added pressure on top), I did the modelling with salome 6.3.0 exporting a cube.med file. I used eficas and astk to set up the case and the boundary conditions. The missing files for the case I simply created by using the touch <filename> command (not knowing if it`s right).

Running the case, I get the error message mentioned above and I don`t know, what to do with it, or what to do to get the case up and running. My case files are attached to this post. I hope anyone can take a short look on tjhis easy example.

many thanks,


#13 Introduce yourself / Présentez vous » Introduction » 2011-08-26 12:58:10

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Hello Everyone,

my name is Jan Göbel and I'm a 35 years old mechanical engineer from Mannheim, Germany. Whe I worked at the University, I found out due to a student`s thesis, that Code Aster is a great Code for Finite- Element- Problems. I have experiences, simulating static, dynamic, linear and nonlinear problems and the behaviour of plastic materials in ANSYS, but now I want to learn to use Code Aster for these tasks.

In the past I've made great experiences with OpenSource Software and forums and I hope to exchange my knowledge with other users und be a part of the community.

I whish you all a nice weekend smile