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#1 Re: Code_Aster usage » Mohr-Coulomb convergence issue on a D_PLAN model » 2019-11-25 11:31:56


as for the first model's issue, find attached an attempt to solve it.
I saw a main problem in BCs application: a std. "geotechnical" condition for boundary displacement, especially with gravity-driven problems such as slope stability, should always let free vertical displacement except from base nodes/elements.
Plus always consider the constitutive model limitations: in case of Mohr-Coulomb, you do not have the ability to follow post-peak deformation as the numerical model would become unstable after reaching ultimate state.
In fact the attached model converges only when allowing higher values of drained cohesion (namely around 5 kPa). Below this threshold the model will fail (as the slope would).
Since post peak isn't so relevant in slope stability problems, I see no issue in the overall model set-up. For more complex interaction problems (such as retaining structures) please consider more suitable constitutive models to grasp more realistic deformations. For sand-like I suggest CJS, although you have to deal with harder parametrization. You can also try with more Plaxis-like models such as HS Small via MFront (you can find models' formulation at e.g. soilmodels.com website).

Hope this helps

#2 Re: Code_Aster installation » start CA Server service on server for Clients on workstations astk [SO » 2017-12-23 15:19:15

Good Afternoon everyone,

I'm experiencing quite the same authentication issue. I've gone through this post many times and tried all steps but I'm still having troubles configuring ASTK to run studies both on physical server and Amazon EC2 instance. If you could provide me with some help I'd be very thankful!


Really admire the people and the work behind Code Aster. I've been using Code Aster and Salome Meca since early 2016 with my current firm (doing mainly geotechnical engineering simulation) and I'm totally impressed with the robustness of the code, even comparing it with major industrial standards (e.g. Plaxis, Midas, Flac to mention some of the most prominent).
Now we decided to increase our computational capabilities to exploit Code Aster at its best in complex HM and THM scenarios using both locally installed facility (16 cores, 64 GB RAM) and on-demand Amazon EC2 instances.

Done with the due aknowledgement, here comes my problem: I've routinely installed Salome-Meca 2017.0.2 on both local server and EC2 Ubuntu Server 16.04 vms.
By following this article's precious hints, I've abilitated ssh access without password to both admin user and root via ssh-rsa pairing.

Now when prompting ASTK to either local server vm or EC2 vm I'm getting alternatively (depending on the machine I'm actually using as client) an access issue or a missing file issue when retrieving as_run --info. The same command (probably) performed by ASTK works just fine and gets as_run --info standard EXIT_CODE = 0 when manually prompted on terminal. I've tried re-installing Salome_Meca on both Server and Client with no apparent benefit.

Is there maybe any silly mistake I'm making?

Thanks in advance for your support and again many thanks for your outstanding work!

Wish you all Merry XMas and Happy 2018!

#3 Re: Introduce yourself / Présentez vous » Geotechnical Engineer joining the group! » 2017-09-08 15:38:48

Hi Everyone,

my name is Giacomo Mazzoni and I am a geotechnical engineer from ENVIA (Italy).
I've been working extensively in the past two year with Code Aster in the field of geotechnical simulations. Current focus is on 3D slope modeling and 3D foundations (incl. piling) mainly.

My current workgroup, which is partnering with newly born SEHM2 Research Project by UNIBO, as well as with DICAM@UNIBO (Fac. of Engineering), is working on several civil projects where Code Aster is proving itself an impressive tool allowing for great design optimization.

I'd like to share some experience as well as benchmarks we have produced along the way in the field FEM modeling applied to soil/rock mechanics and keep in touch with people sharing the same fields of interest.