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#1 Re: Salome-Meca usage » Nonlinear - buckling » 2017-11-26 11:08:12

Thank you Manolo for your answer,

I think everything could be an help for me, because every test I do is a new thing for me! So I can only help from your advices!
Some time ago I do another exercise about buckling non-linear, using Adina software, and so that is the only reference I have!

I remember that it is necessary to introduce a initial state of the structure, and in Adina I imposed an initial displacement that was about 0,1 mm on all nodes, because otherwise the computation doesn't converge!

Now this is my problem... I read in u4.51.03 that "initial state" is indicated with keyword "ETAT_INIT"; I try doing this (I create comm file with Salome8, easier that Salome7), but when I want to give an initial  displacement, about 1/100 * thickness, I can't do! I just want to put in a number!

Thanks in advance,

Best regards


#2 Re: Salome-Meca usage » Nonlinear - buckling » 2017-11-25 10:10:52

OOOk thank you soo much for your help! So I have to use elements with 9 nodes because in this way I consider that elements come out of their own plane...


Now I have another question about using of buckling... I want to produce a NonLinear buckling so I must use a bi-linear material, I have the graph and I create in this way:

    ECRO_LINE=_F(D_SIGM_EPSI=0.0, SY=235.0), ELAS=_F(E=210000.0, NU=0.3)

Is it correct?

Again, I have to introduce an incremental displacement on all nodes, so that all nodes move the same amount.
How can I enforce this incremental displacements?

Can you suggest me the operators I have to use?

Thank you for answer,

Best regars,


#4 Salome-Meca usage » Nonlinear - buckling » 2017-11-20 17:29:29

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Hi everybody,

I have a problem with a buckling test.
My exercise is a plate 1600 x 1600 with three beam ALL molded with SHELL element (no beam)!

Here I put also the comm file, and my error is this:

Possible erreur utilisateur dans la commande AFFE_MODELE :                                           !
   !    Un problème a été détecté lors de l'affectation des éléments finis.                                !
   !    Pour l'occurrence AFFE de numéro 1, certaines mailles de même dimension topologique                !
   !    que la (ou les) modélisation(s) (ici dimension = 2) n'ont pas pu être affectées.                   !
   !                                                                                                       !
   !    Cela veut dire que la modélisation que l'on cherche à affecter                                     !
   !    ne supporte pas tous les types de mailles présents dans le maillage.                               !
   !                                                                                                       !
   !    Le nombre de mailles que l'on n'a pas pu affecter (pour cette occurrence de AFFE) est :  3402      !
   !                                                                                                       !
   !  Risques & conseils :                                                                                 !
   !    * Comme certaines mailles n'ont peut-être pas été affectées, il y a un risque                      !
   !      de résultats faux (présence de "trous" dans la modélisation).                                    !
   !      Pour connaître les mailles non affectées (à la fin de l'opérateur), on peut utiliser INFO=2.     !
   !    * Ce problème est fréquent quand on souhaite une modélisation "sous intégrée"                      !
   !      (par exemple AXIS_SI). Pour l'éviter, il faut donner une modélisation de                         !
   !      "substitution" pour les mailles qui n'existent pas dans la modélisation désirée (ici 'AXIS_SI'). !
   !      On fera par exemple :                                                                            !
   !         MO=AFFE_MODELE( MAILLAGE=MA,  INFO=2,                                                         !
   !                         AFFE=_F(TOUT='OUI', PHENOMENE='MECANIQUE', MODELISATION=('AXIS','AXIS_SI')))  !
   !                                                                                                       !
   !      Ce qui aura le même effet (mais sans provoquer l'alarme) que :                                   !
   !         MO=AFFE_MODELE( MAILLAGE=MA,  INFO=2, AFFE=(                                                  !
   !                         _F(TOUT='OUI', PHENOMENE='MECANIQUE', MODELISATION=('AXIS')),                 !
   !                         _F(TOUT='OUI', PHENOMENE='MECANIQUE', MODELISATION=('AXIS_SI')

I used COQUE_3D for shell elements, it is an error?

thank you,

best regards,


#5 Salome-Meca usage » Memory Error for thick grid » 2017-11-11 19:01:44

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Hi everybody,

I'm working at a very thick grid! At first I try with a large one, so elements of my grid had the side dimension 200 mm, then 100 mm and 50 mm; now I want to do the same exercise but with a most thick mesh: 10 mm.

I'm sure that the comm file is correct and also the med file because I had NO problems with the mesh 200, 100 and 50 mm! Bu now I Have a lot of elements and nodes... so this is the error in the mess. file:

EXCEPTION> <JEVEUX_62>                                                   !
   !                                                                           !
   !  Erreur lors de l'allocation dynamique. Il n'a pas été possible d'allouer !
   !  une zone mémoire de longueur 175 Mo, on dépasse la limite maximum        !
   !  fixée à 558 Mo et on occupe déjà 390 Mo.                                 !
   !  La dernière opération de libération mémoire a permis de récupérer 0 Mo.  !

What I must change? I know that is a memory problem...

Thank you very much for answer,

Best regards,

#6 Re: Salome-Meca usage » How to use "angl_rep" or "vecteur" and what they mean » 2017-11-11 18:52:36

Oh, thank you soo much for your explanation!!!
Now I understand well!


#7 Salome-Meca usage » How to use "angl_rep" or "vecteur" and what they mean » 2017-10-29 15:09:18

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Hello everybody,

I've a question following a mistake that came out when I tried to build a structure formed by an horizontal plane, an inclined plane and a vertical plane connected all together, so I have "bottom", "bilge" and "side" plates of a ship. The bilge is a plate inclined 45 deg.

Now I build the file.comm and I've attached the med file.

The error that came out is this:

CR d'execution de JDC en MIXTE
   ! <S> Exception utilisateur levee mais pas interceptee.                    !
   ! Les bases sont fermees.                                                  !
   ! Type de l'exception : error                                              !
   !                                                                          !
   !   -> L'axe de référence pour le calcul du repère local est normal à un   !
   !      au moins un élément de plaque.                                      !
   !   -> Risque & Conseil :                                                  !
   !      Il faut modifier l'axe de référence (axe X par défaut) en utilisant !
   !      ANGL_REP ou VECTEUR.                                                !
fin CR d'execution de JDC en MIXT

I think the problem is about the inclined part of the structure, because when I did a similar example with only the side part (vertical) and the bottom (horizontal) there was no error!"

Is it true?!

Here the error suggests me to use "ANGL_REP" or "VECTEUR". I read in U4.42.01 (AFFE_CARA_MECA) about these operators... But I can't understand very well how to use them: Can you help me please?!

Because I think it is important to specify how are oriented the shell of inclined part: I must say they are inclined 45 deg around x axis!
I attach here my med file, if it is useful.

Best regards


#9 Salome-Meca usage » Erreur de compilation dans accas » 2017-10-24 15:15:13

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Hi everybody,

I tried to reproduce a "piece" of naval structure using Salome meca. I used beam element for little beam and shell element for other parts.

When I did "run" for execution appered this error:

CR phase d'initialisation
   ! Compilation impossible :   File "fort.1", line 73 !
   !      FIN(),                                       !
   !           ^                                       !
   !  SyntaxError: invalid syntax                      !
fin CR phase d'initialisation



Can you help me, please?
thank you,

Best regards,


#10 Re: Code_Aster usage » OFFSET BEAM as software Patran/Nastran » 2017-10-19 11:48:53

Thank you very much for answer!

I start from your advice to find all the information, and in case of necessity I will ask here for other info.

Best regards,


#11 Code_Aster usage » OFFSET BEAM as software Patran/Nastran » 2017-10-17 09:14:44

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Hi everybody!

I attach here an immage, taken from FEM software Patran/Nastran to understand what I wanna do with SALOME.
My problem is to understand how to connect plate element with the lower part of the beam: this is what in Patran is called "offset".
Infact if I don't do this procedure  of "offset" in PATRAN, the beam will coincide with plate in the beam "SHEAR CENTER" .

So, how can I give this procedure of "offset" in Salome-meca?

Than you,

Best regard


#12 Re: Salome-Meca usage » SALOME_2017 Suddenly stopped working » 2017-10-12 11:20:13

I solved my problem thanks to a friend expert in informatics,

the problem was that when I installed the program, I chose to use it as "super-user" and not as "user": I'm not an expert in informatics and so I'm sorry and I can't explain very well this thing... But if you have problems like this I think this is a good suggestion to start .

Best regards,


#13 Salome-Meca usage » SALOME_2017 Suddenly stopped working » 2017-10-05 17:05:08

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Hi everybody,

I'm a Nautical engineering student and I'm using Salome meca for my thesis but I have a problem with Salome 7: I've installed it on June and last month stopped to do the command "Run"... But the strangest thing is that when the same file (med file and comm file) is launched on my teacher's computer IT RUN WITH SUCCESS !!! The operation I do is: Aster - Add study case - I attach the file.comm and the file.med and on the left side of the screen there is a "yellow star"; now I click on it to do run and the program doesn't do ANYTHING !!! Only the yellow star desappears...

I've also installed the new version Salome 8, but I have problems with that too, so I posted about it in another post.

Someone can help me?

Thank you,

Best regards


#14 Re: Salome-Meca usage » UnicodeDecodeError » 2017-10-04 20:06:41

Hi Thomas,
Here I put the output message: I copied it in a word document.

Thanks for your help!


#15 Re: Salome-Meca usage » UnicodeDecodeError » 2017-10-03 10:56:27


I've installed the new version Salome- meca 2017, because the 2016 version gave me problems.
Now, everytime I do an exercise, appears the same error: I put here a screenshot about the error.

The error is: Type OSError

When I search on Web it suggests me that is a Python error. My version Ubuntu is 16.04 LTS.

Someone can help me, or suggest me something to do?


Best regards,