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#1 Re: Code_Aster usage » OpenTURNS parallel evaluations » 2020-07-09 13:10:38


i am interested in the discussion because i am getting more or less the same errors . I do get these errors on Salome Meca 2019. Are you too using the 2019 version too?

#2 Re: Code_Aster usage » Openturns and code_aster » 2020-07-03 09:35:48

I think you can dump the study from the Salome environment and see the OpenTurns part of the code. Now i do not know if that code can be utilized to run a parametric calculation from within ASTK by calling to the OT libraries.

#3 Code_Aster usage » Modal Strain Energy » 2020-06-26 14:22:42

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i have stumbled upon an old thread talking about MSE approach. The thread can be found here : /viewtopi c.php?id=13987 . I have two questions now, is there a method for multiple bodies in the same mesh ? and if so, which commands are to be used?

Thank you very much!

#4 Code_Aster usage » Possible BUG in ASTK » 2020-06-25 15:10:27

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i was trying to run some analyses in ASTK but i encounter the following error.

CR phase d'initialisation
   Etape : CALC_CHAMP    ligne : 285    fichier : u'fort.1'
      ! Mots clés inconnus : CONTRAINTE,ENERGIE !
   Fin Etape : CALC_CHAMP
fin CR phase d'initialisation

The version of ASTK i am using is the one found with Salome Meca 2018.

Thank you.

#5 Salome-Meca usage » Mesh Module question » 2020-05-04 08:05:05

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i am trying to find a way to create assign meshes and create groups on my models with python. I was looking around for similar threads but found none at the moment. Is it possible?

#6 Re: Salome-Meca usage » salome-meca IFC compatibility » 2020-04-22 16:50:07

Recently from what i have seen some work was done here on this subject :  linkedin.com / feed/update/urn:li: activity:6653316445121855488/

#7 Code_Aster usage » Modal Analysis: How to print the base? » 2020-04-14 16:24:32

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i am performing various modal analyses on some models. I would like to know how to print the Modal base so to see the differences between the analyzed models. Is it possible?

#8 Re: Salome-Meca installation » SM-2019+ Ubuntu 18.04 Sigsev violation » 2020-04-12 19:04:40

Thank you very much for the links provided , really useful!!

#9 Re: Code_Aster usage » MAC_Modes but with selected modes? » 2020-04-01 08:14:44

Do you know which commands should be used if one  wants to calculate the MAC between specific nodes of the experimental and numerical model?

#10 Re: Code_Aster usage » MAC_Modes but with selected modes? » 2020-03-31 08:28:51

Found a workaround with the command EXTR_MODES to get the modes i need from Calc_Modes.
Any other suggestions are really welcome, thank you!

#11 Code_Aster usage » MAC_Modes but with selected modes? » 2020-03-25 10:15:30

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i am trying to define a MAC criterion with the command MAC_ΜΟDES but in my bases i have various modes to confront.
Lets suppose that in the first BASE the modes go from 1 to 6 and in the second base for the MAC the modes are selected and
are 1,2,3,4,9,10. I am getting an error due to the series of the order that doesn't correspond. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you,
Best regards,

#13 Code_Aster usage » How can i update the numpy version in CA? » 2020-03-08 11:45:32

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i am trying to import some libraries to see if i can work with them in CA but i am getting an error which says :

"RuntimeError: module compiled against API version 0xc but this version of numpy is 0xa "

This is done in the 2018 version of Salome Meca. How can i "update" the numpy version? According to the message the analysis gives
i have Version de Python : 2.7.10, Version de NumPy : 1.12.1  .

#14 Re: Code_Aster usage » How can i add rotation DOFs in 3D modelization? » 2020-03-05 19:28:59

So i should add DIS_TR to my model with K_TR_D_L and M_TR_D_L? Would you have an example to give me?

#15 Code_Aster usage » How can i add rotation DOFs in 3D modelization? » 2020-03-05 12:32:29

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i would like to ask how is it possible to add DRX,DRY and DRZ while doing a 3D modelization.
I know that 3D means that the elements only have DX,DY,DZ but i would like to enrich my elements to have also rotational dofs!
Is it possible?If it is how?

#16 Re: Code_Aster usage » Elastic limit (SY) as a function of time » 2020-03-04 11:40:52

Something similar is discussed in this thread : https hmm/  www.code - aster.org/forum2/viewtopic.php?id=19152

#17 Code_Aster usage » Openturns Input and Output » 2020-03-03 10:11:33

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i am trying to understand how to import into OT module variables and .npy files from a text stage command. I need the .comm file to be in text due to some
python scripting i have added. Do you know a way to make the variables and .npy files produced by the study to be imported or seen in the OT module??

#18 Re: Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED] Is there a way to run Aster completely from a Python prompt? » 2020-03-02 17:05:45


i don't know if it is going to be helpfull but take a look at this thread : https hmm /www.code-aster.org/forum2/viewtopic.php?id=16126

#19 Re: Salome-Meca usage » Compound philosophy?! » 2020-02-29 15:12:08

When you don't merge the nodes, when a liaison_mail contact condition is stabilized you define every interface (master & slave) or can you do it for volumes?

#20 Code_Aster usage » Partition, Compound and Fuse. » 2020-02-26 12:18:50

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i have some problems making my model run an analysis. This is probably due to the fact that the model is composed
of many pieces. I have tried different ways of making it work and would like to know how do you work around on a study
with many pieces.
The ways of my tries where, partition the geometry and create a mesh whereas i have already defined groups from geometry.
The second way was to compound but i found some problems with LIAISON_MAIL, i don't think that with many pieces it is wise to use, or at least
if it to be used with many pieces i am using it badly.
The third way was to see if the model could work by boolean fusing the solids together. It did in fact work, although i couldnt get the necessary groups
out of it.
Do you have alternative solutions?

#22 Code_Aster usage » [SOLVED]Under which format is preferable to import? » 2020-02-25 14:50:08

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I have a model that i can import in Salome Meca 2019, is it preferable to import it in .step or .brep format?

#23 Re: Code_Aster usage » What is the best strategy to follow when you have many LIASON_MAIL? » 2020-02-24 16:44:18


my problem is that i have a little too many adjacent volumes in place for an analysis with many different material properties.
I revisited my model and saw that some geometry components where missing, this was corrected and the meshing procedure went good.
Now the problem i am facing is that even if all the geometry is there, it doesn't seem to "merge"  and so i get coredump analysis errors
or due to the fact that i am using CALC_MODES command as a test i get the message that says to utilize something other than PLUS_PETITE,
like the option BANDE which probably means that something is in the air flying somewhere.
I attach a .mess file for further info and insight!

#24 Salome-Meca usage » Compound philosophy?! » 2020-02-22 10:42:36

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in my study i have a model composed of many pieces. More than 100 pieces. I imported those pieces from
a step file, cleaned them, repaired them and meshed them without problems. Now i make a compound to
get the whole model going but i encounter some problems, first is that in the compound merge, if the
tolerance is high i get a mesh jacobian error, if the tolerance is low i get negative frequencies in my 
modal analysis. How do you resolve problems like these?

#25 Re: Code_Aster usage » What is the best strategy to follow when you have many LIASON_MAIL? » 2020-02-21 19:33:22

Hello i noticed some inconsistencies with my model. This error could be result of those inconsistencies. I am correcting them now and
will report back here if the error comes up again.