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#1 2011-06-02 21:50:00

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What is umat ?


I'm preparing the Debian package for code aster; however I see that in the test there are some files (astest/umat.001a.44 for example) that seems to be executables.
I've searched the forum, but couldn't find a (simple) answer: note that I don't need an operating answer, I'm not using UMAT and I don't think I'm gonna use this feature in the near future; I need a technical explanation of what are these files: a shared library? a standalone executable? or what else?



#2 2011-06-03 12:57:20

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Re: What is umat ?


See http://www.code-aster.org/V2/spip.php?article375 about the umat interface.

The testcase umat001a must pass on all machines and so the shared library is built "on the fly" (using the make_shared function).

In umat001a.comm you can see this comment :
# Juste pour les besoins du cas-test.
# Il est preferable d'utiliser :
#       as_run --make_shared -o libumat.so src.f
# avant de lancer l'etude.

# Special sur la Bull

Because of the compiler license availability on the compute nodes on our old server, the .44 file is a pre-compiled shared library "libumat.so" to pass the testcase without need compilation.

So you can remove this package from the package (but I will check if we can remove it for all versions).


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#3 2018-04-25 13:00:35

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Re: What is umat ?

UMAT is a user made material code.People, usually are not only interested in just using the software but also likes to develop their own code and used in the program. So, UMAT is the most for researchers. I say its very important

Prafulla Malla