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[HOWTO] initiate a version for updates

This page is out of date. Please follow this page

Here is explained how to add an unstable version just after the installation of a testing one.
The instructions are identical if you want a stable-updates version from a stable one. Replace testing by stable, and unstable by stable-updates.

Considering you have installed the last aster-full-src-11.2.0 package in /opt/aster. You have now a "STA11.2" directory/version (and a symbolic link "testing" that point to).

0. Because of a small mistake, the config.txt file is not movable without change (if should and will be !) :
- open "STA11.2/config.txt" in your text editor and replace all occurrences of "$ASTER_ROOT/STA11.2" by "$ASTER_VERSION_DIR".

1. copy the "testing" directory to "unstable":

cd /opt/aster && cp -rp testing unstable

2. declare this new version:

echo "vers : unstable" >> /opt/aster/etc/codeaster/aster

Now the unstable version is usable as usual and may be updated by running:

as_run --vers=unstable --auto_update

NB: see for required adjustments at this page.

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