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#1 2017-07-14 12:19:49

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code_aster error "Submission failed" retruns 7


i'm trying to run a simple simulation using the salome meca binaries (SALOME-MECA-2016-LGPL-1) from the code-aster.org -> Salome-Meca download page on a Kubuntu 16.04 System.

When i try to run the aster simulation i get an error in the message window:

Message Log ********************
[14.07.17] Submission failed

in the terminal i get:

12:55:40 INFO     execute on ae@ae-lp : /home/ae/salome_meca/V2016/tools/Code_aster_frontend-20160/bin/as_run --serv --num_job=0002-2593-ae-lp --rcdir=.astkrc_salomemeca_2016.0 /tmp/ae-localhost-0002-2593-ae-lp/0002-2593-ae-lp.export
12:55:41 INFO     returns 7

any ideas what could be the problem?


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