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#1 2017-08-17 09:24:29

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YACS usage ?

Hello everyone,

I'm not seeing a lot of examples concernig the use of YACS. On my side I tried to found some ways to use it, for exemple on a parametric model, for differentes geometry sizes, or to try to change a load. But I failed. My intend was to use it to automatically investigate a design of experiments, but it is maybe not designed for that.

As a result, I would like to know for what it is used for, and if there are some sources on the internet that give some more example of use than the one in the salome doc (to understand the range of use).

I didn't found the software editor in the internet. Is it developped by EDF ?

Thanks for your help,



#2 2017-09-03 17:22:55

Thomas DE SOZA
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Re: YACS usage ?


YACS is maintained by EDF and is used:

  • either from a developer point of view as formalism to exchange information between modules, coupling them effectively: for example it is heavily used by the OpenTURNS module to interact with other physics software and it is also used to do multi-physics coupling such as between code_aster and a bearing simulation software (EDYOS), or even Code_Saturne.

  • or from a user point view as a way to build complex simulation schemes involving multiphysics simulation. Think of it for example as a sort of Simulink for SALOME.

If you're willing to do parametric calculations, I strongly encourage you to try the new OpenTURNS module of Salome-Meca 2017. This completely revamped GUI enables a lot of parametric/statistical analysis.
For now it is not easily coupled with code_aster but this will be the case next year with Salome-Meca 2018: leveraging the new AsterStudy, there will be transparent access to parametric analysis starting from a code_aster study.



#3 2021-01-24 21:14:16

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Re: YACS usage ?

To make this old post active again. I am also interested in the YACS module (docs.salome-platform.org/5/yacs/user/dataflow.html), I would appriciate any information especially with examples. At the moment I am looking to use the node "switch" but cannot find information how to use it.


#4 2021-01-26 14:35:55

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Re: YACS usage ?

Hi lskrinjar, and lelorrain if you are still arround.

You can find more info about the YACS module by following the video series done by Cyprien Rusu [ youtube.com/watch?v=Yqp_dW1JuJA&list=PLvkU6i2iQ2frHUfTg-YYjKRwUuMK_Rg9k ]. There is also a couple of videos on OpenTURNS in his channel done by me [ youtube.com/watch?v=1Z1S3kmKjhQ&list=PLvkU6i2iQ2fr2SmkmNt_OtYRAssgrZpzj ]


Fernando Oleo Blanco