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#1 2017-09-15 12:50:48

From: Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India
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Code_Aster/Salome-Meca tutorials for beginners

Hi all,

I have started a series of video tutorials for the beginners in Salome-Meca and Code_Aster. The tutorials are very basic and meant only for those who have either just started or willing to start using Salome-Meca/Code_Aster. If you have already used Code_Aster/Salome-Meca earlier then at least initial few tutorials are of no use. However experienced users are still welcome and have a look at the tutorials for correctness and suggestions for improvement.
Moreover, I also request the users to suggest problems for next tutorials. That will not only help others but also keep me motivated to develop more tutorials.

I have a plan of at least 10 tutorials right now. All the tutorials are expected to be closely related to Civil engineering domain as I am a Civil engineer.

The video tutorials are on my youtube channel and can be found at :


#2 2017-09-15 17:55:02

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Re: Code_Aster/Salome-Meca tutorials for beginners

Dear Patankar,

Really glad to have your tutorials, that too covering very recent Aster-Study module. It is a great work and these tutorials will really help the beginners to learn Salome-Meca. I congratulate you for the tutorials and hope to see series of them in near future.

By the way, I am planning to integrate Salome-Meca to my teaching and your tutorials will be a big help to students, particularly the beginners. I have a very little exposure to Salome-Meca/Code-Aster, though I am an avid enthusiastic of Open Source softwares like OpenSees, Scilab etc. I have been using them, both for my teaching and research works over the years. However, I strongly believe that for practising FEA or  in solving real life Design/Analysis, Salome-Meca has almost no substitute in terms of its huge documentation, test cases and vast resources on Element Library and Material Models, integrated with Pre- and Post-processors. That's why I am interested to gradually introduce Salome-Meca/ Code-aster to my students.

Another very important feature of your tutorial is the voice in English, which, most of the Salome or Code-Aster or Calculix tutorials do not have. This will greatly benefit the Non-French speaking learners, particularly in India.

Regarding your invitation for suggestion about your future tutorials, I would like to present the following. I am sure these will have my personal bias, me being a learner in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering. They are:
1) Gradual introduction of Non-linear static analysis of structures.
2) Non-linear analysis of Geotechnical systems, particularly simulation of excavation and filling of geo-materials/porous materials
2) Non-linear Modal and Transient analysis of Structures/ Soil
3) Soil-Structure Interaction Studies, including seismic ones, if possible.

I am aware that the list is very demanding in terms of the back ground necessary. Since I do not know your specialization, I am listing my personal preferences thinking you to be familiar with them.

However, you are always welcome to choose your topic and I am sure, any topic of your interest will be of same interest to many of the Civil Engineers/ CE students.

I would like to take the help of your expertise in educating myself about Salome-Meca/Code-Aster. If you permit, I would like to interact with you in your email.

Thank you.

With Regards.