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#1 2017-11-11 19:01:44

From: Italy
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Memory Error for thick grid

Hi everybody,

I'm working at a very thick grid! At first I try with a large one, so elements of my grid had the side dimension 200 mm, then 100 mm and 50 mm; now I want to do the same exercise but with a most thick mesh: 10 mm.

I'm sure that the comm file is correct and also the med file because I had NO problems with the mesh 200, 100 and 50 mm! Bu now I Have a lot of elements and nodes... so this is the error in the mess. file:

EXCEPTION> <JEVEUX_62>                                                   !
   !                                                                           !
   !  Erreur lors de l'allocation dynamique. Il n'a pas été possible d'allouer !
   !  une zone mémoire de longueur 175 Mo, on dépasse la limite maximum        !
   !  fixée à 558 Mo et on occupe déjà 390 Mo.                                 !
   !  La dernière opération de libération mémoire a permis de récupérer 0 Mo.  !

What I must change? I know that is a memory problem...

Thank you very much for answer,

Best regards,


#2 2017-11-11 22:45:49

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Re: Memory Error for thick grid

Greetings Giulia.

My experience with resolving this error is to increase the memory allocation for the run.  There are a few ways of doing this, one of which is to increase the default memory allocated, while another is to leave the default and then adjust the memory allocation for any runs which require more than the default (which seem to be 1024 MB in V2017 and 512 in V2016).

Memory adjustment in V2016 can be done using the "edit" function for the case in the Aster module (or adjust directly in ASTK which is the same for V2016 and V2017); in V2017 you will see the memory allocation as the an editable input when you invoke the first "run" button in AsterStudy.