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#1 2017-12-06 04:44:27

Suphanut Kongwat
Registered: 2017-10-17
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[SOLVE] ERROR from Optimization Problem

Hi Everyone,

I'm as a new user for Salome-Meca. I try to optimize a structural problem.
But I got this error:

   ! <S> Exception utilisateur levee mais pas interceptee.      !
   ! Les bases sont fermees.                                    !
   ! Type de l'exception : error                                !
   !                                                            !
   !  le GROUP_MA  tout  ne fait pas partie du maillage :  MAIL !

Could anyone tell me about How should I solve it?

Thank you


#2 2017-12-07 19:21:50

Registered: 2017-11-19
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Re: [SOLVE] ERROR from Optimization Problem

Hi, you should follow some basic tutorials before doing optimization. After few exercices, you'll be able to answer your question.

I advice you this book beginning_with_Code_Aster_JPAubry_20131206 by Jean-Pierre Aubry.

This was written for Code aster 11 with a Salome-Meca version which don't contain "Post-Pro" module but "Paraview" for viewing results in GUI.

You'll have to modify some files to run these examples with Aster 13. You'll have to understand the error in the log files, and read the documentation to correct some point by yourself. It's the quickest way to learn.

Sorry for not giving you your answer, but if you don't inderstand this quite simple error, message, it's useless to go further.

Edit: In addition to that, we cannot help you if you don't share your .comm file, your .mess file, if you don't quickly describe us your mesh and if you don't tell us what is the purpose of your study.

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