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#1 2017-12-07 08:07:09

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Hello experts,

I am having issues with the correct implementation of the command ASSE_MAILLAGE
I want to have my Mesh structure as an assembly just like the assembly structure in a CAD program such as Creo or Solidworks. I want to see all my meshed components in the same place just like it was in the CAD assembly all at the same time.
But it seems rather a tedious task if the no. of components are more.
I tried to use submeshing capability of Salome to make a master mesh of two disjointed solid bodies but it failed saying that the bodies are not connected in any way.
Another way I tried is to mesh each component separately then read the mesh and use ASSE_MAILLAGE to combine all the mesh. Still, here is the issues I am facing.
>Both meshes are not visible at the same time after the command is executed.(I wish to see the assembled meshes together)(The meshes are visible together in a new VTK window but not in asterstudy)(attached picture)
>Further added meshes behave in a similar way
>I get problems downstream in the proper selection of nodes/groups while executing commands(for example STAT_NON_LINE)
Please suggest an easy way to assemble while being able to "see" all the meshed components at one time in Asterstudy.

Thanks and regards

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