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#1 2018-02-20 07:34:06

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ASTK (as_run) fails to run

Hello folks, nice to see you.
(I could not find but if this is already discussed in elsewhere, please tell me)

I'm now trying to build & install the latest stable Code_Aster 13.4 to my environment (RedHat Linux 7), and struggling to make it work as I'm novice to python.
Could someone please help me?

First, I compiled & installed aster, to $HOME/aster/13.4. (It was not easy for me too but anyway it was successful)
Then I've installed astk (1.13.10) by

% python setup.py --prefix=$HOME/aster/13.4

as README in astk tells to do so.

But when I try to run the tests, miserablly all were failed.
After some investigation, I've found astk python package is (probably) ill-configured:

% as_run --getversion_path
% as_run --getversion
<F> _FILE_NOT_FOUND file not found : $HOME/aster/13.4/testing/bigpyt/Accas/properties.py

Actually there is no $HOME/aster/13.4/testing, and while there exists the directory $HOME/aster/13.4/lib64/Accas, it does not have properties.py inside.

I've assumed that with --prefix=ASTER_ROOT, astk installs itself accordingly to the aster configuration - but it seems not.
What is wrong with my astk installation procedure?

Thanks in advance!


#2 2018-02-21 13:55:09

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Re: ASTK (as_run) fails to run

Hey Yutakachan,

Despite the fact that I installed code aster, but I still have some problems with astk.
To my knowledge running 'python setup.py install' will install the code (considering that you have taken all necessary measures into account up to the point of running the command), also astk will be installed by running previous command and you don't need to run a separate command to install it.
If you look at setup.log file at the end of installation you should see that astk is installed along with other libraries in SRC file.
Your problem then might come from somewhere else.



#3 2018-02-22 09:25:25

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Re: ASTK (as_run) fails to run

Hi souren,

Thank you for your reply.
Actually I had too many problems during installation so that I gave up automatic one, and built and installed each prereqs one by one, then aster.

That said, as astk provides just python/tcl application, I thought its installation only requires ASTER_ROOT as written in astk/README...

Anyway, I've found that:
(1) Both asrun python module and astk wish application refers  $ASTER_ROOT/etc/codeaster/aster, to obtain the available versions.
(2) Each "version" is regarded as the (absolute or relative to $ASTER_ROOT) "path" to the configuration file, config.txt.
(3) config.txt contains informations like absolute path of aster executable, build information, and so on.

Manually modifying the $ASTER_ROOT/etc/codeaster/aster, I could (at least) let as_run find the config.txt.

Now I'm confused that config.txt is found in the $prefix/share/aster, AS IS installation of aster
% python setup.py install --prefix=$prefix

This "$prefix/share/aster" hardly seems appropriate for "version" string, later used by GUIs.
Maybe if successful from the begining, these informations are set reasonable??


#4 2018-02-22 09:54:17

From: nantes (france)
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Re: ASTK (as_run) fails to run


may i point out than you are asking yourself far too many questions
and are going along a far too complicated path

code_aster should be built with the procedure described in https://www.code-aster.org/V2/spip.php?article272
and then should work flawlessly
i am convinced that it is possible as quite a few hundreds of us did it that way

if this procedure does not work you have to read the log file to find out and correct what went wrong
most of the time it is missing libraries

all the rest is a waste of time!

jean pierre aubry


#5 2018-03-19 01:39:13

Registered: 2018-01-30
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Re: ASTK (as_run) fails to run

Hi everyone,

My problem seems sometimes installation scripts sometimes neglect (?) PATH / LD_LIBRARY_PATH specification and find wrong ones. I could not figure out how I can tell those at the very top level.

Nevertheless, I could 'plug-in' my own build CodeAster to released Salome-Meca by inserting respective entry to V2017/tools/Code_aster_frontend-20170/etc/codeaster/aster (yes I know it states "DO NOT EDIT FOLOWING LINE !"), and confirmed I can select and run my version under AsterStudy.
So what I could not complete seems that kind of post-installation to ASTK environment.

Anyway, thank you for your advises.


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