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#1 2018-09-14 13:13:52

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Crystallographic change and thermal expention.


I working on salome meca for few months.
So I'm starting to have some basics on code_aster.
I'd like to try a more in-depth study.

I want know if its possible to study the distortion of a ring due to thermal expention and crystallographic change.
For exemple i have a ring (inner diameter ; outer diameter ; width) in classic steel.
i have all the material data needed

I gonna heat up slowly the ring from 23°C to 1200°C, and then fastly cool down to 23°C this will distorce the ring.
(i have the table with the temperature at all time).

I want to know what is the finale diameter and the internal stress.

does that study is possible on code aster.


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