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#1 2019-03-28 08:25:06

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Rigid body + towing cable

Hello everyone,,
I try to design a simulator of the dynamic behavior of an underwater body towed by a cable.
One end of the cable is considered fixed. The other is linked to the body and there is a current creating hydrodynamic efforts.
At this time, I am able to solve the cable alone in Code_Aster, considering that the mechanical action of the body is just an effort. The next step is to add the dynamics of the rigid body. I know the mass characteristics of the body and the hydrodynamic forces (which depend on movement) on the latter. The last unknown is the effort of the cable. Thus, I have to solve the fundamental dynamic principle of the body in Code_Aster, during the resolution of the behavior of the cable.
How could I do that? I thought of a Python function, but for the coupling problem, I should solve the cable (with DYNA_NON_LINE) and the body in the same time ..
Any idea ????

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#2 2019-03-28 15:59:21

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Re: Rigid body + towing cable

do you have any progress for now? we can have a discussion on this topic. I am working on a flexible fish cage, which need an lot calculation on the hydrodynamic forces.

Best regards,
Hui Cheng