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#1 2019-03-28 18:39:30

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Hello "l'Univers" !

Hello, my name is Alexandre Abreu and I am a Mechanical Technician from Porto. In the past I did the worked in CAD, evolving the design, defining mechanical procedures, aprooving them and the materials, and finally assemble the instruments. Examples are BERM(BepiBolombo) and MFS (Alphasat). Both of them are radiation monitors, that coupled to test beads, flew with the objective of qualificatying EEE's for in Space Applications.

At this point i've started making the some of the EDF tutorials mostly for (self taught) personal development fuelled by a great deal of curiosity towards Salome, Aster and Saturne's potential, that is, if I can use them wisely maybe with your help and ... some patience !

Very sincere regards from Porto to all members of this community that I highly respect and admire!