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#1 2019-05-15 14:45:02

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TEST CASE SSNP501A: Convergence issue

I am trying to replicate the Test Case SSNP501A in two ways:

(a)    Using the ssnp501a.mmed and ssnp501a.comm files downloaded from the software Test Case folder. As expected, I have got no trouble running this.

(b)    I have recreated the same geometry/mesh by myself from scratch and used the same command file. This time, the solution does not converge.

All the associated files are attached herewith.

In this regard, I have couple of questions:

1. For a test case, is there any way to find how the meshing steps have been carried out? To be more specific, in my case, is it possible to figure out how the mesh has been generated in the file ssnp501.mmed?

2.Is there any generous soul to have a look at the files and give me some idea what might have gone wrong with the second case stated above? Just FYI, I have already tried the steps suggested in the message file generated from the run (b) above but with no luck.


FORUM_SSNP501A.zip, Size: 39.78 KiB, Downloads: 53