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#1 2020-01-17 18:37:56

Laurent C
Registered: 2020-01-17
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Simple Modal Acoustic in Salome Meca 8.3.0 with Asterstudy 2018.0


I'm a new Salome Meca user and I try to achieve a 3D acoustic modal analysis on a simple rectangular cavity (1,0mx0,2mx0,1m as the AHLV100 example).
I've first created geometry and mesh (15 x 2 x 2 elements as in AHLV100 example) with the corresponding Salome Meca modules and I've exporte the mesh.med file.
Then in AsterStudy I follow the several sub-menu attempting to reproduce the Code Aster commands from U3.33.01 and R4.02.01 as follow:
  - Mesh: Read a mesh
  - Model Definition: Assign finite element
  - Material: Define and Assign material
  (- BC and Load: Assign Acoustic Load)
  - Pre-Analysis: Assemblage
  - Analysis: Calc_Modes
Even if a load isn't necessary for eigen frequencies determination, I've read in Code Aster usage forum that a AFFE_CHAR_ACOU have to be defined.
This is my first issue, no AFFE_CHAR_ACOU is available in the BC and Load menu !
So I replace it by AFFE_CHAR_MECA with option VITE_FACE but unfortunately that doesn't work.
The matter is that I didn't have access to the selection of RIGI_ACOU & MASS_ACOU in the CALC_MODES commands (no available).

Do you know if Modal Acoustic is available in SALOME MECA and, if the case, does anyone have an idea for achieving such analysis?

Thank you / Merci