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#1 2020-02-06 17:04:31

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Rivet or Bolt Connection

Dear all,

Is there anyone that has an example or tutorial with shell elements and rivet/bolt connection?
I am trying to perform a simulation for a tensile test of a fuselage part.
I am using LIAISON_SOLIDE in order to define this connection, but apparently, there is something wrong because, i always have singularity error. I believe for the groups, i did correctly, but there some mutual nodes in different groups and I could not find how to ignore or delete them. Also in that case, if someone has any suggestions, i will be glad.
Thanks in advance for the concern.


#2 2020-02-26 18:27:30

From: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Re: Rivet or Bolt Connection

Dear anlblk,

Post a minimum example that reproduce the failure you described (geometry, mesh, comm file, etc), and the message file, please. This will help a lot everybody find a way to help you.

Best regards.

Helio Carlos Bortolon,
Mech Engr, M.Eng. and Maggoo