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How-to-define-BCs for a simple linear mechanical analysis?

Hi everyone, this is Juan Carlos. I have a question regarding a simple simulation of a linear mechanical analysis of a piston. I did the geometry in another CAD software and imported the geometry in Salome.  I followed a procedure by creating the groups of elements in the mesh in Salome. Then within Salome I proceeded with the explosion, meshing and export of the same mesh to the *.med format with their respective groups that will be the boundary conditions for the *.export file code as far as I know. My concern is the following: I noticed that this time I wanted to define more than one single element as "DDL_IMPO". Logically I suppose that the additional boundary conditions (or elements) for the code would also have to be added. Consequently, once I run the simulation, it seems that the code is right but I am not sure yet. However it looks like the groups I created (FIXED1 & FIXED2 as "DDL_IMPO") intersection is not null. Do you think you can help me define the problem? Is it ok how I defined the code? I am new in Code_Aster, that is why I am asking all these question that might seem easy. Attached to this mail, there is a .log file of the simulation process and a screenshot with the modifications I made in the code and the groups that appear in the mesh in Salome for better clarification.

Juan Carlos

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