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#1 2010-12-29 20:36:49

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Trouble with PILOTAGE

Hi all,

I am modelling a bar with elastoplastic material.

The bar is fixed at one end and loaded longitudinally at the other end(free end).

Since I want to use arc-length method for 'crossing-over' the peak of force Vs Displ curve, I am using PILOTAGE.

But I cannot find the information about the keyword in english and I don't understand french sad

I tried the document on Cambridge University site but PILOTAGE is not covered in it.

So probably I am completely misunderstood the keyword and thats why I am not able to run my model.

The .comm and .mail files are attached.

Whatever I do I am unable to complete the iterations.

bar.zip, Size: 3.27 KiB, Downloads: 210


#2 2010-12-30 23:38:22

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Re: Trouble with PILOTAGE


I don't use such modelisation but clearly you can't use the two key words PILOTAGE and RECH_LINEAIRE in the same STAT_NON_LINE. If you need the RECH_LINEAIRE so PILOTAGE became a keyword of the first one!

You can see the two following examples to help you : ssnl133 and ssnl134.

Moreover I think that it's better to impose FORCE_NODALE as boundary conditions than DDL_IMPO.