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#1 2018-03-13 16:21:59

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Projection of a list of values as initial stress of a 3D model

Dear All,
I am relatively new in the subject of value projection of Code_Aster. I have tried to look at the specification of PROJ_CHAMP which seems to be used to project variable fields between two Code_Aster models. I am looking for one command that is able to project a list of stress values as the initial stress of my Mechanical 3D model. If any body could give me a hint, it is very appreciated. Below is a detailed description, if you guys have any suggestions or tricks that can help me, I would thank you in advance.

Problem description:
I have established a mechanical reservoir model (3d hex mesh) and it has been tested just by adding gravity (elasticity), and I get a distribution of initial stress.
Now I get a text file in which there is a list (a grid) value of stress components (x,y,z,sig_xx,sig_yy, sig_zz, sig_xy, sig_xz and sig_yz).
The grid geometry is larger than the 3D model, and the grid doesn't match my 3D hex mesh. How to introduce the list values by projection into my 3d model as initial stress ?

Thanks a lot,
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