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#1 2018-03-14 11:33:24

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Initial temperature definition from a list

Bonjour à tous,
Hi everyone,

As a freshman to CA, I am asking for advises on how to apply initial temperatures on a model from a list?

I have established a 2D plate model where its initial temperature values are supposed to be taken from a text file. But the number of points in my text file is smaller than the node numbers. My idea is that I do manually interpolation of the temperature values from text points to mesh nodes by a third party software like Matlab. Then use some command in CA to read the text file (READ_TABLE?), then create a champ (CREA_CHAMP?) and attribute the temperature values using ASSE ? Is there any suggestions on the workflow ? If someone has an example, it would be very helpful to me.

Thanks a lot, guys !!



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