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#1 2018-05-11 17:27:02

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Crowd Funding English Translation of Documentation

Hi everybody,

I have slowly started to learn Code Aster, and I am amazed by how powerful this program is and wish to spread the word and help more users come on board.

Unfortunately, learning to use Code-Aster is really hard for non-French speaking users (like myself).  Although I find the "Machine Translation" of the documentation very useful, there are clear errors (as one should expect) which can be really problematic. This causes confusion and makes learning Code Aster much much harder.

I have not been part of the community for very long, and I was wanting to gather ideas.  I was not sure if creating new translations (or correcting the existing ones) have come up again for discussion, and what were the outcomes of such discussions.

In my mind, we could use a crowdfunding site where any user could recommend articles in the documentation that they would like have translated, and the community could vote (by contributing financially) to cover translation costs.  The newly translated documents would be available to all.

Of course, they are some serious challenges, such as the creation of a site that would host all the new documents, finding a competent translator who is good english writer and understand the very technical nature of some of the articles, etc, etc.

Please let me know what you think.




#2 2018-05-15 05:21:21

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Re: Crowd Funding English Translation of Documentation

There is already such a project, although I don't know the status of it. It has been years since I was involved.



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#3 2018-05-26 19:49:30

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Re: Crowd Funding English Translation of Documentation

There are books available to help you get going:

http://engineering.moonish.biz/fea-usin … -software/

The Training material

for example, the basic training

Code_Aster / Salome-Meca - Module 1 : Basic training

Documented examples on CAELinux.com (older code-aster releases, not all commands are the same as for the newest release)



#4 2018-06-03 20:23:00

Thomas DE SOZA
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Re: Crowd Funding English Translation of Documentation

Hello all,

A few words on internationalization in code_aster and salome_meca:

  • Machine Translation is our preferred way to translate the French documentation given its volume (currently around 2400 documents totalling more than 23000 pages) and its update frequency (more than 500 documents updated or created each year);

  • The quality of the English documentation has room for improvement, we're currently working on that aspect with our software provider and hope to release that by summer;

  • code_aster also outputs a lot of text to users be it simple information messages, warnings or errors (these are located in bibpyt/Messages in code_aster source tree) and these may technically be displayed in a foreign language (only a portion of them is currently translated to English);

  • a crowd-sourcing project was initiated a few years ago to improve that and we also have the technical capability to import from this project but we're not using it given the fact that we're not exporting content to it currently and the translations are therefore out of date - we hope to fix this once the Machine Translation has been updated;

  • code_aster also has a lot of keywords deriving from French: for that we have implemented in AsterStudy the capability to use a skill-oriented translation for every keyword (more than 3000 of them currently). Again, completion of the translations will take time but we're confident this will drastically reduce the learning curve of new users;

  • finally the next generation version of code_aster coming next year will enable a fully Python compatible input (along the historical command language) which is derived from English.

Step by step code_aster and salome_meca are moving towards more and more internationalization, we just need to be patient.



#5 2018-06-05 10:30:17

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Re: Crowd Funding English Translation of Documentation

Dear TdS

Thanks a lot for your update, which has informed about the activities that are going on inside EDF. The Machine Translations, right now, are quite difficult to understand, at places, particularly for beginners. Glad to know that improvement is going on in that front. Another difficulty with the recent versions of documentation is the wrong translations of some key-words like "CAR" instead of "AUTO", making it out-of context. I understand, it is a difficult issue from Natural language processing view-point.

When I find portions of machine translated document quite confusing,  I try  Google-Translate to get the idea of what the manual is saying about. I find, google translate has improved a lot compared to the recent past and it does a satisfactory job most of the time. This is, in any case, inevitable for users like me to get the meaning of the message files.

I wish successful completion of the work going on presently from your side. This will be  a great facilitator for better dissemination of this very powerful (rather amazing) FOSS software among students and practicing engineers.