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Exploding a multi-body partition with a shared face does not transfer

I have a multi-body step file that contains two solids that are contacting on a face. After importing the step I create a partition to subdivide the contacting face for meshing. When the partition is exploded to faces the contact zone is represented as a single shared face. This shared face "bearing1" was named using the transfer data operation with the imported step geometry as the source. The problem is when I go to explode the partition first into solids (solid_0 & solid_1) and then into faces. Ideally I would like solid_0 and solid_1 to each contain a face called "bearing1". Instead only solid_0 has "bearing1" and solid_1 renames the face to a generic label. How can I force the faces of each solid to honor the name of the shared face? Alternatively, is is possible to determine which face in solid_1 is derived from the shared face "bearing1"?



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