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#1 2019-04-12 13:09:59

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[SOLVED] Print MFront variables in a *.rmed file


I'm using a MFront behaviour in my simulation.  My problem is I don't know how to generate a *.rmed file (or a result file) which contains the variables from MFront. Let me explain:

I'm modelling the sintering of a ceramic tile and I want to know the evolution of the porosity. MFront handles the evolution but I don't know how to obtain the *.rmed file with the porosity. As a result, I can't visualize the porosity in Paraview.

I believe it should be easy to do. I guess the answer should be in CALC_CHAMP/IMP_RESU documentation, but I may be misunderstanding something.

Minor problems:
- I'd want to use soft springs in order to avoid rigid body motion, however I have an issue with them if I use my *.mfront file.
- Mechanic mesh is not quadratic because I have convergency problems with the contact if I use this mesh.

Thank you in advance.


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#2 2019-04-15 11:15:28

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Re: [SOLVED] Print MFront variables in a *.rmed file

In case anyone has the same problem:


Now, all mfront variables are printed in the *.rmed file.

In Paraview:

Filter -> ELNO Mesh

You can select the MFront variable which you want to visualize.

About soft springs:
"For the moment, the material behavior laws which are usable in Code_Aster are usable for 3D, 2D, Shell, THM and Joint Elements."

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