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#1 2019-05-08 10:38:40

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Options in operator CALCUL?

Hello everyone,

I have a question about the options in using operator. I tried to validate a simple thermoelasticity problem and wanted to see the RHS of this probelm. So I guess from the tutorial 'Operator CALC_VECT_ELEM', which says that in mechanics loadings of type dilation induced by the variables of order is calculate by the operator CALCUL. So I used the option 'FORC_VARC_ELEM_P' and tried to extract the RHS caused by a temperature field. Can this result be seen as the 'thermal internal load' of the mechanical model? What are the differences between this and the option 'FORC_INTE_ELEM'?
Besides I found a test case hplp100a that using this command but somehow when it comes to extract the table calculated by the operator CALCUL, it uses VE=EXTR_TABLE(TYPE_RESU='VECT_ELEM_DEPL_R', ...... ) Here why the displacements can be extracted in the thermal load?  I am really confused a lot by this type of result... I will attach the modified comm file of hplp100a below. I am looking forward to your suggestions that would help me better understand this feature.


hplp100a.comm, Size: 11.71 KiB, Downloads: 67