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#1 2019-10-09 14:09:19

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Bugs in Salome Meca 2019

I have installed salome 2019. It looks well all around but there are some serious bugs in functionality. I had the same libstdc++ error which I got around by

mv ~/salome2019/V2019_univ/prerequisites/debianForSalome/liblibstdc++.* ~/tmp

I would request the administrator to make it a sticky post so everyone is updated to the issues coming up in Salome 2019.
What I have found until now:
1> in Preferences of Asterstudy, If I select" use external editor to edit files", and then right click the command file, A pop up error is received with a python traceback. Interestingly, no such error is visible when clicking the "message" file in the CASE VIEW which also used the option " Use external editor to view message files".
Also, I can't use sublime text which is happily located under /usr/bin/subl in "external editor selection" field. When I do that, it always opens an empty file(be it comm or mess file)
2> opening an hdf file with a successful run and an .rmed file(which shows up in Data Files summary tab) and right clicking on it with "post-process" in Data Files Summary tab of CASE View does not work.
3> I can't see an option to warp by vector in post-process window. Also, in an opened post pro window which has some results, i double clicked another field, and salome just crashed.
4> Loading big med files with lots of groups is a pain in asterstudy. If you clicked by chance "select groups from center" during picking up a group, a lot of time is spent and software hangs. Also, selecting a 2D group after selecting 3D big groups, causes Salome to crash without any warning.
5> Open in Paravis can crash salome sometimes.
6> If something goes wrong, there is a flurry of SIGSEGVs.

I hope developers take a look.

Thanks a lot

EDIT: I found the warp by vector tool and it's working very well. Really great user interface for Post Pro. The export animation into video tool is pretty awesome. Great job overall.

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#2 2019-10-10 21:11:08

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Re: Bugs in Salome Meca 2019


Thank you for your feedback

Please give some informations about your OS too



#3 2019-10-11 04:34:38

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Re: Bugs in Salome Meca 2019

I am using Debian 9 Stretch but I have enabled backports from current debian Sid. I had to update libc6, libstdc++ etc for the graphics card driver to work. These should have overwritten the default libraries that came with Stretch release. I don't know if these cause the error of libstdc++.



#4 Yesterday 11:23:29

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Re: Bugs in Salome Meca 2019


In AsterStudy, when trying to add Element or mesh group second time (when pressing edit button), following error occurs:

File "/home/laskija/salome_meca/V2019_univ/modules/ASTERSTUDY_20190/lib/python3.6/site-packages/asterstudy/gui/parameterpanel/panel.py", line 632, in _gotoParameter
wid = self._createParameterView(path, link)

File "/home/laskija/salome_meca/V2019_univ/modules/ASTERSTUDY_20190/lib/python3.6/site-packages/asterstudy/gui/parameterpanel/panel.py", line 663, in _createParameterView
pview = ParameterMeshGroupWindow(path, self, self.views)

File "/home/laskija/salome_meca/V2019_univ/modules/ASTERSTUDY_20190/lib/python3.6/site-packages/asterstudy/gui/parameterpanel/windows.py", line 435, in __init__
parent_item=None, parent=self)

File "/home/laskija/salome_meca/V2019_univ/modules/ASTERSTUDY_20190/lib/python3.6/site-packages/asterstudy/gui/parameterpanel/views.py", line 1896, in __init__

File "/home/laskija/salome_meca/V2019_univ/modules/ASTERSTUDY_20190/lib/python3.6/site-packages/asterstudy/gui/parameterpanel/views.py", line 2280, in _updateMeshList

File "/home/laskija/salome_meca/V2019_univ/modules/ASTERSTUDY_20190/lib/python3.6/site-packages/asterstudy/gui/parameterpanel/views.py", line 2304, in _meshActivated

File "/home/laskija/salome_meca/V2019_univ/modules/ASTERSTUDY_20190/lib/python3.6/site-packages/asterstudy/gui/parameterpanel/views.py", line 2006, in setMeshGroups
for name, size, occurs in names:


BR Ilkka

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