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#1 2019-12-03 13:04:19

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LIASON_MAIL bonding 3D elements with DIS_TR gives singularity

Hi all.

I'm using DIS_TR element on a node to simulate a mass located far from the surface in which the node lays on. The element shall be DIS_TR as it has to simulate a mass that is placed at a given distance. The values of the caracteristics are the mass, and the radio vector pointing the place in which this mass is situated. The inertia moments are set to zero.

I also introduce a LIASON_MAIL between a solid in which the node is on, and the DIS_TR element. With DIS_T it works perfectly, but if I use DIS_TR, then a singularity appears. The problem is due to DRY and DRZ DOF. I assume that the problem is that 3D element does not fix DRX, DRY and DRZ, as they have no such DOFs.

How can I simulate this mass situated outside the solid? or How can I fix these DOFs (DRY DRZ)?

Thanks in advance, best regards,