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annelysis - Hello from Vienna!

Hello to the community!

I had some experience with CodeAster some years ago from my university times. Now I am coming back and it is great to see how much has been developed and the amount of traction it has, as the number of users has grown considerably! It is very impressive, congratulations! I remember some names from the forum that seem to be still active. Special thanks for your contribution.

In my company, founded last years, I want to scale up the usage of CodeAster for engineering projects. CodeAster is a really good option, especially to create automated and parametric analyses, also coupled simulations. Besides, we are developing some interesting and innovative automation tools for engineers. You are welcome to visit the website wink

Although I am living in Vienna I am from Spain. Following my passion for Engineering and simulation, I have been working in structural analysis with FEM, having done some projects in CFD as well, for the last 6 years. Most of my experience is in Abaqus, in which I did technical support, and for other Dassault Systèmes products. Feel free to find me in LinkedIn if you want to check more, or even connect.

I hope I can bring some knowledge and cooperation to this community. It would be also great to have some interesting conversations and maybe cooperations.


Andrés Bellés Meseguer
Founder & CEO

annelysis GmbH
Wattgasse 48/26 1170 Vienna |  annelysis com