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#1 2021-01-05 12:31:13

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Pretension Steel: Strain = 0 but Tension != 0

Dear FEM and Coder_Aster Community

A good new year (to everybody who counts years like many of us do) smile

I like to have a better understanding, that the strain = 0 in a cabel but the pretension in the cable is non zero. I understand that if there are no displacements (like in in timestep=0), there must be no strain at all. I attached a model of a simple 3D beam with a cable.

How shall I interpret the strain (EPXX) in a pretensioned cable? I measured the N and EPXX values at two elements of the cable (at the gaussian points):

#The Tension (Force)
RESULTAT NOM_CHAM         INST         MAILLE    N           
SOLNL    SIEF_ELGA         0.00000E+00 M266       1.00000E+00
SOLNL    SIEF_ELGA         0.00000E+00 M290       1.00000E+00
SOLNL    SIEF_ELGA         1.00000E+00 M266       5.88232E-01
SOLNL    SIEF_ELGA         1.00000E+00 M290       2.32839E-01

#The Strain
RESULTAT NOM_CHAM         INST         MAILLE   EPXX           
SOLNL    EPSI_ELGA         0.00000E+00 M266      0.00000E+00   
SOLNL    EPSI_ELGA         0.00000E+00 M290      0.00000E+00   
SOLNL    EPSI_ELGA         1.00000E+00 M266     -1.96080E-09   
SOLNL    EPSI_ELGA         1.00000E+00 M290     -3.65315E-09   

kind regards

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