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#1 2021-02-12 20:25:47

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Error in sequ. CALC_CHAMP, "Condition not ... dismoi.F90, line 185"


I understand you will want my files but since they are complicated I don't want to distract too much so I will ask my question first so as to engage and then go from there. Here is the preview of what I am seeing:

  # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  # Commands No:  0002 Concept of the type:  evol_noli
  # ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                  GROUP_MA=('els_slab_dum_0D', ),
                  FORCE=('FORC_NODA', ),

   ! <EXCEPTION> <DVP_1>                                                               
   ! Program error.                                                                                 
   ! Condition not met:                                                                         
   !     .false.                                                                                           
   ! File                                                                                                   
   ! /home/A21173/smeca/yamm_build/V2019.0.3_pub_build/V2019_universal/tools/src/Code_aster_stable-v144_smeca/bibfor/utilitai/dismoi.F90, !
   ! line 185                                                                                           
   ! Il y a probablement une erreur dans la programmation.           
   ! Veuillez contacter votre assistance technique.                         

My model is elastic plates on 0D discrete elements with nonlinear behavior of DIS_CHOC. I can get this to run and produce my intended results for this nodal force calculation for one of my load cases (use of POST_RELEV_T, etc.). But I have several of these load cases and I would like to sequentially create my results sets and store them in one file efficiently. I can execute my analysis script in DEBUT() and produce multiple sequential "EVOL_NOLI" data sets according to the "name(i)"=STAT_NON_LINE... iteration structure for this that you would expect to work. (but with '[]' and not '()')

But, surprising to me, in POURSUITE() even when I eliminate the python scripting portion of my result name (as above where "rshrz_0" is entered in CALC_CHAMP) I fail with this error above. The upper portions of the message file assure me - I BELIEVE - that my data sets are read in correctly from pick.1. So can you tell me what is happening here? What files would you want from me to enable this?

Lastly, I am a US user, English-only speaking, and I have a few hundred hours in CA with the manuals and test cases. I do not have much real programming experience and my Python experience is equivalent to my time in CA. So I may be doing something stupid and please bear with me.

MS Structural Engineering and 15 years in shore-based wind turbine foundations. Code_Aster / Salome-Meca newbie.