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  • Code_Aster usage 23/10/2018 | by Yoshio
    Hi, I am Yoshio. I am now to try modelling a reinforced concrete column using concrete as 3D and steel as 1D (BARRE). Although I have tried non linear analysis many times, they said that there...
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  • Code_Aster development 23/10/2018 | by danielfeng
    [quote=AsterO’dactyle]Hello, Did you try to read that ? [/quote] I had read it. It tells me op is a command, but there is no detailed comment on the specific meaning of each command. This...
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  • Code_Aster development 23/10/2018 | by danielfeng
    [quote=mecour]Hello, for the person outside the development team is very difficult to read the source code, especially the fortran code part. Some time the python code part help to understand....
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  • Salome-Meca usage 22/10/2018 | by Dimos
    Hello, I had this problem with Ubuntu 18.04 and Salome_Meca_2017_0.2. I had two languages in my setup, english (US) and greek. The solution for me was to go to Settings->Region&Language and...
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  • Salome-Meca installation 22/10/2018 | by k_zurawski
    OK, I gave up with VM. In the end I installed Debian 9.5 directly on hard disk and Salome-Meca 2017. 2018 didn’t want to work and 2017 seems to work fine...
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