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  • From March 13th to 16th, EDF is organizing in Guangzhou a code_aster training open to all, jointly with the Sun Yat-Sen university and NSCC-GZ (National SuperComputer Center GuangZhou). The...
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  • Registrations to the Salome-Meca Users’ Day 2018 are now opened! The event will take place on: Tuesday, March 20th 2018 in the great auditorium at EDF Lab Paris-Saclay (access map). Do not miss...
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  • The training materials were updated following the training sessions organized in-house at EDF in late 2017. Among the novelties, one finds in particular: the revamp of the presentation of...
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  • The new issue of the code_aster professional network newsletter is available online. Check out amazing applications of code_aster and Salome-Meca by the members of the ProNet community !...
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  • Code_Aster usage 19/01/2018 | by Sergejevicz
    Hello. Please, would it be somehow possible to get documentation of version 11? I mean to download it by one command, not only view on Code_Aster website or download it file by file. Regards...
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  • Salome-Meca usage 19/01/2018 | by AsterO'dactyle
    Bonjour, Maybe IMPR_RESU/CONCEPT ? See u7.05.21
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  • Salome-Meca usage 18/01/2018 | by tontonsofien73
    Bonjour à la communauté des Astériens. J’aimerais savoir s’il est possible de manière pas trop lourde de faire des sorties des chargements? Pour ma part, il s’agirait de chargement des type pression sur...
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  • Salome-Meca usage 18/01/2018 | by alidaf
    After using boolean operation on a solid geometry I now have a volume with 2 opposite sides that have 5 edges each. I would like to create composite sides to mesh it but the volume already...
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  • Code_Aster usage 18/01/2018 | by fabr
    Just for my information. Is that what is called "static analysis" ? — Fabien
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